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As a demonstrated leader in solar technology, the Gossamer culture is built on relentless innovation and constant improvement." - Dan Chen, 3M


About Gossamer Innovations (aka Gossamer Space Frames)

About Gossamer InnovationsThe mission of Gossamer Innovations is to explore the world of technical possibilities by creating the best answers to meet the fundamental needs of mankind. The good news is that there is a universe of excellent solutions that, for the most part, have not yet been discovered. Gossamer has created an “innovation engine” that is deriving and conveying these solutions to present day applications.

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Gossamer Demonstration Platform in Dagget, California

Gossamer Demonstration Platform in Daggett, CA

First demonstration platform of Gossamer's super-aperture trough design in Daggett, CA.

Sunlock Tracker

Sunlock™ tracker, the most powerful and precise drive is erected as a complete unit.

X-Perf Reflectors

X-PERF™ Reflectors, the largest single facet mirrors in the world install in 5 man-minutes.



May 2, 2012
Event with 3M (view video)

Inaugurate World's Largest Aper-
ture Parabolic Trough Installation

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