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Our Products

Solar Power Products

Gossamers approach is to ensure the optimal installation of its CSP systems for maximum power generation. Utilizing their close relationship with key suppliers Gossamer plans to expand further domestically and worldwide.
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Architectural Systems

Gossamer has a complete set of structural and cladding systems that provide a full palette for the architect to create the colors, textures, shapes and volume that are needed for the iconic and thematic designs of the day. Gossamer cladding and structural systems enable “free form” composition removing cost as a stumbling block for project development.
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Gossamer Scientific

Gossamer Innovations facilitates scientific research by reducing costs through leveraged technology. Scientific research can be extremely expensive in all aspects. However costs can be mitigated with Gossamer high quality precision structural frames and platforms.
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Recent Projects

FPL Martin
The first ISCC Plant with Gossamer hurricane-resistant trough frames.

Lockheed Martin
Demonstration platform in Moorestown, NJ.

Schedule a site tour at our demonstration platform. See our technology in action!