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Gossamer Innovations does not do scientific research, rather Gossamer facilitates science. Traditionally top-flight science has been expensive in all aspects.

With Gossamer Innovations, high quality, precision structural frames and platforms in support of scientific observation and research can be very cost effective. Gossamer engineered structural and mechanical technologies enables science to do more with less cost.

Applications for Gossamer's Patented Design Systems go beyond the traditional limits of space frame technology:

  • Architecture
    Covers, Atriums, Glass Walls, Pavilions, Arches, Arenas, Stadiums, Facades, Towers, Bridges, and Canopies
  • Industrial
    Jigs & Fixtures, Signage, Railing, Racks, Scaffolding, Shoring, Transmission Towers, and Booms
  • Scientific
    Radio Telescopes, Optical Telescopes, Space Vehicles, Research Platforms, and Test Frames
  • Other Industries
    Solar Energy, Entertainment, Military, Communications, Marine, Recreation, Transportation, and Amusement Parks

Gossamer Space Frames is a demonstrated leader in solar technology. I would characterize the Gossamer culture as one built on relentless innovation and constant improvement. It is rare to find a company that can be untethered from conventional thinking, but still able to execute large and real projects in consistent and timely manner."
- Dan Chen, 3M

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