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Gossamer has a complete set of structural and cladding systems that provide a full palette for the architect to create the colors, textures, shapes and volume that are needed for the iconic and thematic designs of the day. Because Gossamer cladding and structural systems enable “free form” composition, prohibitive cost is no longer a stumbling block to project development. Why scale back on creativity and size when efficient Gossamer systems are available?

Utilizing our proven systems, we at Gossamer create robust, monumental and thematic visions.

Co-Axial Joint System – The only non-welded round pipe structural system in the world. We provide the architect with a sculpting tool that delivers designs that keep pace with the clients imagination. It allows for free-form single layer geometries creating remarkable structural transparency. Our joint system has a concealed connector that is hollow and allows for the passage of electrical conduit.

Organic Connector System – a framing system that is ideal for double-layer geometries but allows for texturing and warping of the member density.

Batten-Bar Mullion System – a robust cladding system suitable for glass units, polycarbonates or acrylic panels.

Glass Light Point-Support or Corner Support system – captures glass lights at the corners with either a through-bolt or clamping escutcheon.


  • Rigid Joint Provides Improved Kl/r Ratio Resulting in Stronger and Lighter Structures
  • Simplified Centerline Analysis
  • No Eccentricities at the Joint
  • Use of Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Other Metals
  • Use of Dissimilar Metals in the Same Structure is Possible
  • Reduced Double Layer Requirements
  • Multiple Member Sizes in the Same Structure is Facilitated


  • Fabrication Uses Standard Fabrication & CNC Processes
  • More Field Work Moved Upstream into the Shop
  • Direct Link Between Design & Manufacturing Data

Field Erection

  • Members Are Shorter Than the Clear Distance Between Joints (CAJ)
  • Piece-by-Piece or Sectional Assembly

Gossamer was a relatively unknown space frame company back in 2002 when we tapped them to design and fabricate the Roller Coaster Pedestrian Bridge at the Long Beach Pike development. To our satisfaction, they performed like a top flight company in delivering a stellar product on-time and on-budget."
- KARL KREUTZIGER, Executive Vice President, Driver SPG


  • Supports Irregular & Non-Symmetrical Structures
  • Variable Joint Shapes
  • Secondary Framing for Cladding or Glazing Not Required
  • Slender & Unobtrusive Appearance
  • Permits the Use of Curved Members (CAJ)
  • Provides Through-the-Joint Conduit for “Hidden” Communication, Power Lines and Fluid Transfer (CAJ)
  • Joints Can Serve as Light Boxes and Sprinkler Mounts (CAJ)

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