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Gossmamer's solar power panels create clean and renewable energy.

Solar Power Products

Gossamer Solar Power - New technologies for renewable energy.Gossamer already offers the largest commercial production solar troughs, the LAT ( Large Aperture Trough) available globally, and is currently designing 3rd and 4th generation systems that will continue to increase efficiency and lower energy production costs. Gossamers approach is to ensure the optimal installation of its CSP systems for maximum power generation. Utilizing their close relationship with key suppliers Gossamer plans to expand further domestically and worldwide.

Proven performance leading to more advanced CSP designs (1st Generation):

  • 6 major utility-scale CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) plants deployed
    • Nevada Solar One – 50 megawatt
    • Martin County (FPL) – 75 megawatt
    • La Risca, Spain – 50 megawatt
    • Majadas, Spain – 50 megawatt
    • Palma Del Rio, Spain – 50 megawatt
    • Palma Del Rio, Spain – 25 megawatt
  • Various Demonstration Platforms

Pioneer CSP Grid Parity (2nd generation Gossamer technology)

  • October 2011, rollout super aperture trough design, the LAT1 (large aperture trough series 1 design) at Daggett, CA, home of Sunray (SEGS 1&2)
  • LAT 1 benefits (7.3 aperture/70mm receiver tube)
    • Enlarged “solar field” scope of work to include all optics-sensitive performance components (reflectors, support frame and tracker)
    • Up to 20% reduction in the BOM for the solar field
    • Up to 30% reduction in the field labor for the solar field
    • Approximate 20% improvement in operating efficiency
  • LAT2 (10m aperture/90 mm receiver tube, in development)
    • ~10 m aperture with a 90mm receiver tube
    • PV parity and below
    • Development in progress
  • 3rd and 4th Generation Gossamer CSP Technology
    • Development and testing in progress
    • Tipping point for grid parity on stand-alone power plants

All Gossamer products are based on “best methods” for design, fabrication and field construction. Gossamer provides basic products for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) configurations such as: Parabolic Trough, Central Receiver (Tower) & Heliostat, and Parabolic Dish.


  • Proven Solar Field Designs - Widely Deployed
  • The Patented Organic Connector™ System Provides Unparalleled Frame Accuracy and Rigidity
  • No Initial or Ongoing Alignment Required
  • Glass-Preserving Support Structure
  • No On-Site Assembly Fixtures, Machinery or Buildings
  • Highest Energy Production = Lower LCOE

CSP Trough System

  • Various trough frame sizes
  • Pylons and bearings
  • Center drive
  • HCE supports
  • Torque plates
  • Reflective panels

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