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At Gossamer, we provide a collaborative and experienced team to move projects from inception to completion. Each aspect of the project includes project team integration, project management, field services and manufacturing technical support. View our extensive in-house and extended capabilities.

Project Management

Gossamer provides project management services to the client for the construction phase for projects using Gossamer products. With our dedicated project management team, your projects are completed on time and within budget.


Project Team Integration

Gossamer has a complete slate of companies, organizations and consultants that  partner with clients to design, and construct high-end, complete architectural designs with various types of cladding with or without moving components.


Manufacturing Technical Support

Gossamer provides vendor qualification and QA/QC activities for the manufacturer of Gossamer designs where fabrication is performed by others.


Field Services

Gossamer provides technical field oversight to ensure proper QA/QC activities and initial training of field labor for Gossamer projects.

Latest Projects

Completed Gossamer solar field in Boulder City, Nevada.

Advanced PV rack in Golden, Colorado.

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