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Glenn Reynolds

President and Founder

As one of the three Founders and President of Gossamer Innovations, Mr. Reynolds has been instrumental in the engineering of structures and solar field components such as frames, center drives, heat collector element supports and reflective panels. In addition to solar field components, Mr. Reynolds has engineered and developed products in architecture and other scientific and structural applications, and has been awarded numerous patents in structural technologies.

Since 1985 Glenn Reynolds has been a licensed professional engineer, and prior to the opening of Gossamer, has held top management positions in his field including plant manager for Temcor and Business Unit Manager for the Boeing C-17 Wing Assembly Program.

During his 10 year tenure as President, Gossamer has grown from a start-up company to a name that is recognized as a proven leader in the solar power Industry. This increase in visibility is a result of Gossamer’s ability to quickly design and deliver structural frames that are widely accepted and utilized in today’s Concentrated Solar Marketplace. Learn more about having Glenn at your speaking engagement.


Gary Curtis

Senior Engineer and Founder

Mr. Curtis has worked in the field of Structural Engineering since 1960. During this tenure he has worked for Engineering and Consulting Firms overcoming engineering challenges as well as serving as an expert witness for structural failures of bridges and tall guyed towers. It has been his attention to detail and thorough Engineering Analysis that has had a very positive and direct effect on the quality, durability and reputation of the Gossamer Products in use today throughout the Worldwide Solar and architectural Industries.

Mr. Curtis holds his civil and structural professional engineering licenses in the states of California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii, and Illinois.

As one of three founders of Gossamer Innovations, Mr. Curtis has the responsibility of Sr. Engineer for all Gossamer products. Just a small sample of his engineering accomplishments include: Space Needle for the Seattle World’s Fair (Read article); Saturn Rocket Engine Test Stand; “ Roller Coaster Bridge” in Long Beach California; Queens Way Bridge, Long Beach California; South Pole Station Geodesic Dome; Spruce Goose Dome, Long Beach California; and Numerous Industrial , Commercial and Church Structures.


Dean Hackbarth

Senior Designer and Founder

Dean Hackbarth is one of the three founders of Gossamer Innovations, and is the Senior Designer for all Gossamer technologies, designs and products. Mr. Hackbarth has become a widely-recognized expert in three-dimensional modeling and design, and is personally involved in all the design drawings produced on the Gossamer CAD system using Inventor® software. Mr. Hackbarth has produced Gossamer's proprietary designs for solar field components such as frames, center drives, support pylons, heat collector element supports, and reflective panels. In addition to solar field components, Mr. Hackbarth has also produced Gossamer's proprietary design drawings for Gossamer's architectural, scientific and structural applications, including the pioneering “Roller Coaster Bridge” in Long Beach , California , and the “Floating Glass Wall” for a BMW dealership in Glendale , California .

In addition to his design responsibilities, Mr. Hackbarth is active in Gossamer's meticulous QA/QC processes, as well field installation activities. Mr. Hackbarth's hands-on approach to QA/QC, fabrication, assembly and field installation have led to countless design refinements, which in turn lower our clients' material, shipping, assembly and installation costs.

Before co-founding Gossamer Space Frames, Mr. Hackbarth worked in the design and manufacturing industries for more than 20 years. Mr. Hackbarth has held management and engineering positions in both the aerospace and non-aerospace manufacturing sectors, where he managed and coordinated multi-functional teams involving MRB engineering, tooling, planning, inspections and industrial engineering.

I have had a chance to work with a lot of pylon drive systems and the stability and mechanics of the Gossamer drive have allowed Yokogawa to obtain excellent tracking results. As the size of CSP troughs increase it is imperative that the HXS10 based control system be attached to a stable and responsive drive system in order to obtain good results. The Gossamer drive is the first drive that we have been able to attach to that allows for hydraulic based continuous tracking to the limit of the inclinometer accuracy (in your case around 0.03 degrees). If the drive pylon is not as solid or smooth with minimal transitions it can cause the inclinometer (essentially the eyes of the tracking controls) to bounce making it very difficult to track to as tight as tolerances as we were able to see with your frame (with the data to back it up). I am sure when new inclinometers and control valves come out that give us higher accuracy feedback we will be able to track to 0.01 degrees or better."
- Andrew Brodie, Yokogawa


In-House Capabilities

  • Research and development (innovation, prototyping, testing)
  • Short commercialization cycle
  • Market analysis

Extended Capabilities

  • Wind tunnel testing and analysis
  • Glass engineering (CSP or architectural)
  • Hydraulic systems

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