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Demonstration Platform/Daggett, CA

Last October Gossamer constructed a demonstration platform with 3M reflective film that was the roll out of the world’s largest, commercially available Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) trough design.

This is the first major breakthrough in CSP trough technology in the last 25 years. With an aperture of 7.3m, it is the only trough design in existence that uses a 70mm receiver tube.

Results are:

  • 104X concentration factor – the highest concentration of any commercially available trough (standard designs <84x)
  • X-Perf™ reflectors with a slope deviation of less than 1.2 mrads (standard designs are usually >1.8mrads with much smaller facets)
  • 99% + intercept factor (standard designs are usually <96%)

Contact us at 949-215-1727 for a site tour of our demonstration platform in Daggett, CA!

First demonstration platform of Gossamer's super-aperture trough design in Daggett, CA.

SunlockTM tracker, the most powerful and precise drive is erected as a complete unit.

X-PERF™ Reflectors, the largest single facet mirrors in the world install in 5 man-minutes.


Demonstration platform
See our trough technology in action at our demonstration platform in Daggett, CA.

Schedule a site tour at our demonstration platform. See our technology in action!