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The mission of Gossamer Innovations is to explore the world of technical possibilities by creating the best answers to meet the fundamental needs of mankind.

The good news is that there is a universe of excellent solutions that, for the most part, have not yet been discovered. Gossamer has created an "innovation engine" that is deriving and conveying these solutions to present day applications.

Our purpose is to:

  • Make "tectonic" advancements in key market sectors such as renewable energy generation.
  • Elevate the quality of life of people across the globe.
  • Institutionalize the process of creating new products without institutionalizing the products themselves.
  • Succeed greatly exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Our vision is to impact the world through lowest cost renewable energy systems. We envision grid parity for utility-scale CSP plants and lower-output, distributed CSP generation for rural electrification. Our goals include meeting the growing needs of people across the globe while reducing harmful emissions, creating architectural space that embodies the dynamism and relevance of use, and advancing science through enabling technologies.

Awards and Presentations

At a gala banquet at POWER-GEN International on December 12, Power Engineering magazine’s editors recognized the 2011 Project of the Year Award and announced the winner. This year’s Project of the Year Award winner represented technology that signified excellence in renewable energy. In place of the Best Renewable Energy Project 2011: Gossamer Space Frames for Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center, owned by Florida Power & Light in Indiantown, FL.

Gossamer Space Frames, receives Award in recognition of Gossamer’s support for College of the Desert and the Desert Renewable Energy Training Partnership. Through Gossamer’s support and industry contacts, the program to train workers for jobs in the utility-scale solar industry was able to include CSP thermal technologies in its curriculum and received significant contributions toward the construction of a solar parabolic trough training system. 

Our Values

Our values that guide the conduct of our business:

  • Humility – "The humble man always listens and never stops learning"
  • Respect – Preserve the dignity of all people even when underserved
  • Truth – Do not overstate the product or service
  • Direction – In all decision making, let reason prevail
  • Creation – Innovation occurs after you pass the boundary of existing knowledge
  • Initiative – A well-calculated risk is the vehicle of progress
  • "Futurality" – Making the future a present benefactor
  • Quality – Where perfection is possible, then be perfect unrelentingly
  • Capital – "Money is a tool, not a treasure"

Glenn Reynolds
President and Founder

Gary Curtis
Senior Engineer and Founder

Dean Hackbarth
Senior Designer and Founder

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In-House Capabilities

  • Research and development (innovation, prototyping, testing)
  • Short commercialization cycle
  • Market analysis

Extended Capabilities

  • Wind tunnel testing and analysis
  • Glass engineering (CSP or architectural)

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