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Organic Connector™

Gossamer’s proprietary Organic Connector™ framing technology is based on a blend of aerospace design practice, construction utility and engineering economics. Coupled with innovative “space frame” geometries, the Organic Connector™ inherently has the performance characteristics that can boost the output of CSP installations to the high level needed to enable the expansion of the renewable energy market.

“A space frame is a special class of structure where the individual joints and struts are arranged in a 3D geometry that behaves as one structural element.” Gossamer’s trade secret design philosophy for “space frame” geometries results in:

  • The optimum alignment precision
  • The most efficient framing approach in reducing weight
  • The creation of the most deflection-resistant designs
  • No requirements for ongoing alignment – zero maintenance
  • No requirement for expensive assembly fixtures and buildings on the construction site
  • Long-lasting, durable and corrosion resistant
  • A global supplier infrastructure

X-Perf™ Reflective Panels

The design for Gossamer’s X-Perf™ Reflective Panels utilizes the most advanced thin-reflective material in the world – 3M™ Solar Mirror Film 1100. 3M™ Solar Mirror Film has the following advantages We have listed key benefits in using our reflective panels below:

  • Higher specularity
  • Superb weathering and general durability (does not shatter)
  • Proven track record based on decades of development and deployment
  • Facilitates the X-Perf™ process in producing unsurpassed shape accuracy
  • Facilitates huge, single-facet, rigid reflector constructions

The X-Perf ™ paradigm is the integrated design of both Gossamer framing technology and the reflector itself. Unsurpassed economies and efficiencies are generated by combining the design of the optical system.


Sunlock™ Tracker

Complementing our framing technology and reflective panels, Gossamer has developed a proprietary center drive system: Sun Lock. Our drive technology is ideal for any CSP, CPV, or PV tracking applications.

  • Our Sun Lock center drive avoids the critical torque drop experienced by the in-parallel cylinders at bottom-dead-center.
  • Features dual, in-series hydraulic cylinders
  • Large moment arm reduces loads allowing downsized cylinders
  • Enables longer SCA’s
  • All active elements are off the shelf, no special casings or gears
  • Extremely narrow profile reducing gap between trough collectors at center drive
  • Drive, torque plates, and drive controls are all in one assembly
  • Special SCA leveling feature
  • Highest angular resolution


  • Proven Solar Field Designs - Widely Deployed
  • The Patented Organic Connector™ System Provides Unparalleled Frame Accuracy and Rigidity
  • No Initial or Ongoing Alignment Required
  • Glass-Protective Support Structure
  • No On-Site Assembly Fixtures, Machinery or Buildings
  • Highest Energy Production = Lower LCOE

CSP Trough System

  • Various trough frame sizes
  • Pylons and bearings
  • Center drive
  • HCE supports
  • Torque plates
  • Reflective panels

I have been involved with CSP tracking structures for over 30 years. The Gossamer Space Frames approach for troughs is elegant! From what I have seen, Gossamer troughs are not only relatively inexpensive and simple to install, but more importantly, they have demonstrated accuracy benchmarks few thought possible. Gossamer is a leader in making troughs competitive."
- Dr. Rich Diver (Retired from Sandia Labs)

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